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Full Version: Gundam Seed Destiny II PLUS BUG
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if i run,the windows will have bug,it will auto turn off the computer=_+||
Check your system for possible hardware failures.

You should monitor the temperature and make a extensive memory check.

The windows log can help identifying the problem, to access it open the Windows Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System

search for lines marked as error or critical.
but i am use softare mode,i think it is EE engines problum
Probably your CPU overheating, I think software mode is where it basically uses your CPU (Unlike hardware mode where Graphics are supplied by the Video card itself) Regardless it's not a Bug, If you mean Gundam Seed Destiny Rengeu, Then it's working fine, I played with a few friends of mine last night with that game and it works fine.

Try to check your temps first, This is the biggest flag whenever a computer suddenly shuts off, Try to check if you have adequate airflow inside the computer, And if anythiing else fails get a better heatsink + apply some artic silver (Thermatake is better in terms of Thermal paste but that's me)