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Full Version: problem with pcsx2
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Hi everyone!

I downloaded latest pcsx2. When I try to play it crashes, I have windows 7, it says: "Pcsx2 has stopped working". In Log everything is fine.

every plugin is loading successfully. Even when I change some plugin problem is the same. So I started to think that problem isn't in plugins.

Please help.

I have I5 2.7 proc
Nvidia geforce 310m
4 g ram

and crappy windows 7

I have all the latest drivers, directx too.
Not a valid bug report, moved.

PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? What game?
Doesn't it say anything else? "pcsx2 has stopped working" doesn't really help much Tongue2

Try with the latest beta if you aren't already:
That's the problem that there isn't much info about anything. I'm on the work and later I'l upload screenshots.

Why the hell can pcsx2 stops working?

I have latest version.
The good thing would be to upload your emulog.txt content.