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Full Version: Your FFXII settings, setup & performance
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I'll most probably stick to a single GPU setup so I can add another GPU later if I wanted in SLI or crossfire (got corsair AX850 PSU so I think it can even handle dual 580s). BTW, does PCSX2 run better on nVidia or AMD? Don't want to start a GPU war here, just making sure if for example certain drivers are known to work better with PCSX2.

(05-24-2011, 05:29 PM)halfhourdump Wrote: [ -> ]Not at all. A GTX460 can handle FF12 in 1080p at native res (2x scaling is another matter).
With your example, do you mean running 1920x1080 under "GS Window" > "Custom window size"? or change the internal resolution to 1920x1080 via GSdx plug-in configuration page which I assume would be more than x2 scaling. Because with the current setup I can run X2 scaling without getting too much FPS drops in the areas that I checked so far.

Sorry if I said anything wrong or sound confusing, I'm still trying to get the hang of the various PCSX2 settings Tongue.
(05-26-2011, 06:01 AM)MetallicA Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, does PCSX2 run better on nVidia or AMD? Don't want to start a GPU war here, just making sure if for example certain drivers are known to work better with PCSX2.

What's most important for PCSX2 (well GSdx Tongue2) is Memory Bandwidth so get whatever card has the highest (and right for your budget).

1920x1080 is under x3 scaling for most games.
So I checked Basch's Flame Purge quickening, when the explosion happens it brings the FPS down to 5-7 frames when using x2 scaling! it's around 20fps when using native. When settings the GSdx to be software based instead of hardware I do get above 65-70fps during the entire thing though.

My i7 930 is overclocked at the moment @ 4Ghz (still haven't done an endurance stability test, but seems pretty stable so far from the tests that I've done), so it definitely seems like the GPU is holding back a lot. Is there anyone who can run this quickening @1080p without going below 60fps?? If yes, what GPU are you using at the moment.
Can any1 post some config for this game on pcsx2 v0.9.8 to play with full speed plzzzz?
I have my laptop with Intel Core i5 2410 2.3Ghz, DDRAM 3 4Gb, nVidia GEFORCE GT 520M
Thanks so much Smile
Your GPU may be a bit weak for the game, so be sure and use native resolution.

Your CPU should do pretty good on it's own, but do try some Speedhacks. (Use the "Preset" options if you are a noob)

There are no specific settings that suit every case, nor any that can guarantee full speed. So see what your system can do with what I've recommended. Smile
Thanks so much Rezard Smile, let me take a test tonight ^^!
hi there. im running the game on the latest svn( using gsdx on windows XP.

plugin settings
Renderer: DX9(Hardware)
D3D res:512x448
Shade Boost enabled(no change in settings)
All hardware mode settings ticked
all HW hacks ticked:MSAA0xZ32,Skipdraw:0

Emulation Settings: all bolded options
EE Cyclerate:2
VU Cycle Stealing:2
Other Hacks:all ticked
MicroVU Hacks: all ticked

Automatic Gamefixes ticked

Full PC specs in User CP( Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 3072MB RAM
Page File: 492MB used, 5490MB available)

Info:the game is playable but lags at certain scenes(like when Balthier speaks to Ashe when they return from the Tomb of Raithwall) and in populated areas. anyway i can reduce/prevent those lags?

why you enabled shade boost if you dont modify any settings?

The same goes with hw hacks...no need to touch anything here if your games run fine...
im trying all ways to cut lag and have the best graphics. hw hacks seem to speed up.(didnt test individually)
What's the FPS like during those slowed down scenes? Enabling hacks won't fix everything, FFXII has some parts that required my old i7 930 CPU to be overclocked up to 4Ghz to reach 60FPS (i.e normal play speed, unlike PC games anything below 60FPS will feel sluggish in PCSX2), since you're using a pretty old processor, you might have to accept the fact that you won't be able run the game 100% smoothly at certain parts, overclocking should help if that's an option and you know how to do it safely.
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