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Full Version: EE reaching 90+ FFXII
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when EE reach 90+ my game goes so fast as if it has speed hack.. can anyone help me lower it.. I just want to play normally.
What do you mean? Do you have the frame limiter off, or do you mean the game literally is going faster than it should at 60FPS?
I didn't check the disable frame limiter.. the game is going faster by it self and fps is at 60 - 30 below.. but the game still run so fast..
''do you mean the game literally is going faster than it should at 60FPS?'' yes but even below 30 fps..
What version of PCSX2 are you using?
the latest.. 0.9.8.
And you're not using speedhacks, gamefixes, or any special settings for your plugins? Or change any clamping/rounding modes in the VU/EE options?

Would you mind posting a picture of your plugins menu?
ok.. here are the pics its all deafult..
[Image: NewBitmapImage5.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage6.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage7.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage2.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage3.jpg][Image: NewBitmapImage4.jpg]
Are you getting any weird messages/errors inside your console?
no.. none.. no errors..
It's clear the CPU is not enough to run the game full speed without "speedhack" help... still no mention to what is that CPU was given or asked in this whole thread.

This game accepts well the speed hacks, you definitely should have "EE Cyclerate" and "VU Cycle stealing" at least at the middle course.
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