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Full Version: Spanish GUI translation files
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Here's the Spanish translation files, updated from 0.9.8 final to r4727. If there's any Spanish readers here, I'll be glad to hear any suggestions/comments/issues found, we all know nobody's perfect.

Aquí incluyo los archivos de la traducción al Castellano (Español de España) de PCSX2, actualizados de la versión 0.9.8 final a r4727. Si por aquí hay algún hispanoparlante, agradecería oír cualquier tipo de sugerencia/comentario/fallos en la traducción, todos sabemos que aquí nadie es perfecto.
commit in r4736 (trunk)
Updating the translation according to the latest changes.

commit in r4923
The last commit to the template files only changed the date of creation, no new lines were added or changed, correct?
Yes. My flow automatically updates the template. I did not bother to filter only the change of the date.
I'm back, and this time there was two changes on the Main file. Was there any changes on the Iconized part?
No no change in Iconized.
Commit in r5234.
Well you forgot to add the po file. So I rename the pot file (though, there were badly named) but they're empty and kill the es_ES translation....
Whoopsie, my bad. The .pots are for updating the mo/po with the new strings...
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