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Full Version: Translation files for Italian (it_IT) (update 2014-06-23)
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Translation files updates will now be made using my fork of PCSX2 on GitHub and relative pull requests in the official repository. I will still post the compiled translation files here.

.po files:
Latest files in the forked repo. Pull request

.mo files (compiled translations):
Updated translation files based on the template version 0.9.9r4920 (or 4923)
[Attachment removed because it was old]

commit in r4968. Thanks
Updated translation files based on the template from revision 5234.
-- Removed because outdated, please use the files in the first post or on GoogleCode --

Please tell me if I have to delete some old post attachement to save server space.

Commited in r5305. Thanks.

Yes you can remove them if they're useless

I've updated the translation files. They are still based on r5234, but I've re-translated a lot of string and corrected a bad mistake.

The files are attached to the first post.

I commit it in r5366 with my iconized rework.

(Note: it was too late for 1.0.0)
Updated translation with the new gamefix.
Download in the first post.
Thank you. Bye
Commit in r5410. Thanks.
Updated translation:
  • corrected some strings
  • fixed some typos
Download in the first post.
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