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Full Version: app crash on 0.9.8
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I've been getting a random appcrash from 0.9.8 and Im not using any speedup hacks, is is also expected that the emulator it self will crash from time to time as I've never really experienced this before.

I've gotten this with 3 games so far, FFX,FFX-2 and God of War 2
Your overclock is unstable (yes even if it passes hours and hours of prime. Try it with your cpu at stock and it will be fine (or fix your oc)
It never really crossed my mind that my OC is unstable as I never had a single crash with this and I dont really test with endless hours of prime but low to medium loads as thats where the problem usually falls off and I've also given an extra 20mv more to my vcore above the absolute point of stability.

Im gonna try to disable my OC and see if it happens again which im expecting it will.

Assumed overclocking was not the issue, what else should checking ?
I'm almost positive that's it, 0.9.8 does not randomly crash and surely not for the games you mentioned