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Full Version: Need Help with MGS3: S
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Hey guys.. I have an extremely powerful gaming pc and still I can't play mgs3 in full speed. Can someone tell me how to configure pcsx2 correctly for the mgs3 to run smoothly? I am sure I have the required specs.

Core 2 [email protected] Ghz (overclocked)
2x HD Radeon 5890 (2x2gb) (crossfire connection)
12Gb of RAM
Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I have the latest drivers for everything. Can someone help me please?
Thanks in advance.
PC Gaming is nothing like emulation and cannot be compared, so don't even try. However, with those specifications, you could probably get to full FPS. Although, please note that your crossfire connection will be ignored by PCSX2 as it cannot be used by it.

Take a look at the title bar: If your GS is reaching 90-100%, try lowering the resolution or ticking/unticking "Allow 8-bit textures".

If your EE is reaching 90-100%, try enabling some speedhacks using the presets option on that page (Config>Emulation Settings>Speedhacks). The goal is to have the least amount of hacks enabled while running at full speed, as they can screw up the game.

If none are reaching 90-100%, try ticking the "native" resolution checkbox in GSdx settings and see if that helps.