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Full Version: Pcsx2 mac cd/dvd drive problem
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I would like to run my disc that I own, instead of ISO because it takes up less space on my computer. The problem I'm running in to is that I can load my disc on PCSX2. It shows up on my desktop but when I go to "Run CD/DVD" on the app it takes me to a screen where I have to find the folder, but it doesn't show the folder on the desktop, or even what is on my desktop.

I have LINUS CDDVD 0.9.0 and CDVD Null... is there another plugin that I could try that would hook it up to my MATSHITA DVD player on my laptop??

Thanks Ash
you must run from ISO in the mac version. cd/dvd drives wont work. all i could suggest is saving it to a dvd as data or an external harddrive but it might cause some speed issues. ISO format off the main harddrive is the fastest and most stable.