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Full Version: Shadow of the Colossus, HIGH contrast issues
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- HP pavilion DV6-6178ca
- i5 2410m dual core processor (integrated intel HD3000 GPU) 2x 2.3ghz, turbo boost both cores to 2x 2.6ghz or one core to 2.9ghz
- Radeon HD 6490m (switchable)
- 8 gigs of 677mhz ram

- PCSX2 0.9.8 r4600

My GS plugin config:

So why is it when i look at the sky or any other bright object it looks like the contrast and brightness are out of control?? (in game options menu contrast at lowest point, could be an emulator issue?) any help with this would be appreciated.

thank you in advance Biggrin
not a valid bug report.

AFAIK, this is a gsdx bug. Try to increase gsdx internal res, and set it to a "square value" like 1024*1024
Look in the big SHadow of the Colossus !!! thread. You might find some info on that...