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Full Version: God of War 2 missing shadow and fog on hardware
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just wondering if there's any fix or working revision of GSDX that render god of war 2 shadow correctly (or render at all) in hardware mode ?

GSDX hardware mode (native, nothing changed):
[Image: auoDQ.jpg]

GSDX software mode :
[Image: Bltgj.jpg]

pcsx2 all default setting without any speedhack

tried GSDX 4600 and newer revision, all the same.
thx in advance
Off set hack fix the FOG problem Wink old news
The "fix" is what you're getting currently, removing the fog and the shadows is the way to get it working in hardware mode currently or otherwise you'd be seeing this:

hardware with no hackfixes:
(actually the second one would look like another green screen but just for showing purposes of the fog Tongue2)

hardware with hackfixes:

offset hack didn't fix fog issue.
fog still missing Laugh

maybe you misunderstood what i meant by FOG with missalign bloom effect Laugh

at that scene, there's fog that cover the area, quite visible in the front scene. software mode render it correctly. while in hardware mode, that fog is missing.
on hardware mode, darker scene, fog movement only visible on upper screen area
on software mode, brighter scene, fog effect and movement visible on all screen area

kinda hard showing it with pic alone. but the difference noticable

unless you know a revision where offset hack fix that problem ?

how about that shadow ?
any working fix on hardware mode ?

didn't see shadowlady's post earlier Smile
oh, i see. i didn't know.

thanks for the info.