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Full Version: Is the "Capture AVI" Function supposed to work?
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I have tried a couple times to record my gameplay. Using ZZoglPG 0.1.0 there is a "Capture AVI (as zerogs.avi)" option. When I press "fn>F7" on my laptop I see blue text on the top left of the screen recording FPS, so I'm pretty sure the video is recording. However, I'm not sure where on my laptop it is supposed to record to. I've searched for the file inside the PCSX2 application and the root folder for my games and can't find it.

Is this function supposed to work and where is the file saved to???


EDIT: Must have hit the submit button twice. Don't have permission to delete, so sorry for the duplicate post. Here's hoping I don't get banned for spamming Wink
Im not quite sure where it would be, saves of sound and screenshots are held within the application itself. I've never recorded a movie but i would assume it would go there too.
Have you looked through the pcsx2 folder inside the app?
[right click pcsx2.app and click show package contents -> then go to Contents>Resources>pcsx2]
and snoop around in there. the snaps folder is screenshots and i found a .wav file of recorded sound in that main folder. I would assume videos would go in there or it would make a new folder for them similar to snaps.
Yes, I have looked in the entire application and that is where I assume the file would go. I have a recorded sound file that was recorded using the sound plugin just like you said you had, but no vid file. I'll try a couple more things but for now this mystery goes unsolved...
Okay, I figured out that when I check the "capture AVI" box in the config panel and click "OK" I then go back to the plugin config and the "capture AVI" box magically goes unchecked. Also, when I press the hotkey in the application (fn>F7), the blue FPS text shows up but I'm pretty sure it is not recording.

Seems to me like this must not be supported in the Mac version.

I was just testing to see if it would not reduce the speed as much as quicktime player screen recording does, but it looks like I'm stuck with quicktime recorder for now, unless anyone else figured out how to record an AVI.