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Full Version: Official thank you thread
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Heh yeah I forgot. This one is a given if we don't want new threads popping out Smile Post your thank you in here Smile

I will start though. Thanks to all the people who will use our releases and help in any way by the playground team Smile
Thanks again for making such awesome changes. PCSX2 rocks, but with PP revisions, so many things burst ahead.
Thx peeps Smile
Thanks guys!Congrats to your new forums
Thanks alot for all your work! Big speedup here with the new speedhacks turned on.
Thanks, the emu is pretty fast for some games now. I'm about to finish FF12 in pcsx2 playground version. Smile
Thank you for the PP, it's working great, playing FF10, Xenosaga Ep. 1 working great with VU-skip, will probably finish it. Laugh
Thank you for all the updates & new forums Smile
i hope this new official forums is now forever i don't like to see plenty of noobie like rank
e.g. 0 star,0 posts.
Thanks, especially for the VU-Skip, speedhacks and the many game fixes, including Soul Nomad (well basically all of it Laugh).