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Full Version: Tales of Destiny Directors Cut (?)
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Did anyone ever get to fix the "Lines" on your battle sprites, At first i didn't notice it, but as the game progressed the black lines on the character gets defined more and more.
What lines? Any screenshots? Settings?
I'll post some screenshots later, but its basically your "sprite" in battle is pixelated, well not really but rather it shows the "Black rendering lines" ahh as for speedhacks, none really, on DX10 hardware mode.
Are those black lines vertical, like in this picture?

Maybe this is one of the games that's picky about upscaling, or how you do it.
Are you using scaling? Try using native, or a custom res of 1024x1024.
nah mine has black lines on the characters themselves, i imagine the characters as 3d on a 2d plane so it's kind of different in terms of rendering graphics, i'm at work now and can't take any screenies but once i can i will.
No the sprites still have lines in battle that move plus the movies still crash randomly from my experience. So I'm waiting on 2 things till I really start playing in in full. First a fan translation patch second a IPU rewrite. I have a feeling I'll be waiting much longer for the first then I will for the second.
Ahh so it's a non-fixable bug? Hmm I guess i can ignore it (or get my ps2 but god damn PCSX2 is better in making a game looking more of an "HD"
It might be fixable in the future but it's not at this point without playing in native.
Even on native, the lines are Noticeable. D:
Rerally I thought that fixed it but maybe it just blurred enough to not become noticeable for me or was it software mode that fixes it.
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