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Full Version: Ar Tonelico 1 problem?
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I'm new here and just started using PCSX2 and just started playing Ar Tonelico 1 . I have a problem though, while in shop or my items list or any other list of items / tutorials , grathnode crystals, etc. when i want to scroll through the items to buy or check or whatever and i press down on my D-pad, it goes down but skips items and goes straight to the bottom for some reason and it's a problem as i cannot buy items properly or check my items properly. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Note: I'm using ver 0.9.7 (r3113) and am using my PS3 controller to play. Dont know if that makes a difference or not. I'm also operating on Windows 7.
Have you tried using 0.9.8 (obtainable here) and seeing if you have the same problems?

If so, try changing rounding and clamping modes for VUs and the EE in PCSX2 towards the downside of their lists such as "full".
Ok thanks i'll try that asap. Btw can you please clarify what you mean in your 2nd paragraph? I dont exactly get what you're saying.
I played it a few months back and had no issues. Unfornately however it was also long enough ago I no longer have any idea where I am in the story or what I was doing.
What I meant was that if you go to *config>emulation settings>VUs/(EE/IOP)* you'll find options for setting their clamping and rounding modes. If 0.9.8 does not work with the default settings, try changing the clamping mode to something like "full" and changing the round mode. I can't give you much more advice than to tinker with those settings, sorry.
Alright thank you, i'll try tonight when i get home. Hopefully it works : )