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Full Version: Iso's wont load (help what am i missing)
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I am new to the pcsx2 on my mac, i have copied the ps2 games i have and when i try to load any iso the ps2 start but then it goes straight to please insert ps2 formated disc please help
That's the bios running exactly how it would if a PS2 tried to run an unsupported disc. Make sure your bios matches the region of your games, either that or your iso's are bad.

ok thanks a lot

You've violated the dreaded forum rule #1!!!!

?????how can i fix my problem
(08-16-2011, 02:11 AM)lejonjr Wrote: [ -> ]?????how can i fix my problem

remember, forums have rules. rules dictated by laws of the land. for this question, or any question really, google is your friend, remember, any question that a human being has, the internet will provide the answer.