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Full Version: Can't import may PS2 saves to *.ps2
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*i already get my save file from my real PS2's memory card via LauncherELF+flash drive, then i open my mymc w/ my *.ps2 card i can't get in to it
*i want my "BASLUS-20001TekkenTT" in my *.ps2(pcsx2 mem card format) how will i do that????

see screenshot for invests:
I think you missed saving it as a single .psu file or something like that, anyway you can use "ps2 save builder" to make that folder into a file that mymc will recognize.

Pretty much just open ps2 save builder, add the files inside the folder and use the name of the folder as Root/ID, then just save it as .max or .cbs or whatever else mymc recognizes and it should work when you import it without problem then.
Yes...when you backup saves using UlaunchELF,use Copy=>psuPaste

To make that folder as save that can be used with mymc,just use PS2 Save Builder
Open the program and drag-drop the folder contents into the program and for Root/ID use the name of the folder.
Save as max,cbs,xps or any of the other supported formats and then import the save
bingo got it now thanks!! +1 for the 2 replyers

how about exporting from *.ps2 to real ps2 mem-card should i do in reverse? and Root ID is important while transfer my *.ps2 to real PS2 memcard.
Just export the save as psu from the pcsx2 card and use Copy=>psuPaste again with uLaunchELF

The Root/ID part is only if you export the save as folder not as psu
PSU is 100% backup of your save...there are some game that looses some important data if you just copy=>paste the save,so always use psuPaste when you backup saves
got it +1 again

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