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Full Version: 360 Controller Issue
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Alright in the old version of PCSX2 I got my controller working fine with no issues. But I have change more setting and everything I know to do and still the controller doesn't respond to PCSX2.

It works (the controller) on the computer (Win 7 64bit, Desktop; AMD Phenom II x4, 945 Processor, 3.00 GHz) fine, but I can't get PCSX2 to locate or recognize it's there. I did a search on the forums, but the topics I found had no replies or the replies stopped). Is there some new set up for the controller or a plugin needed I may have missed?
do you have the driver for the controller. Also, check the lilypad configuration. Make sure Xbox (360 Controller) and Direct Input and monitor when in background is enabled Tongue2