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Full Version: Anything I can do to speed up FPS on my Laptop?
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Hello all,

I have a laptop on my signature that I am trying PCSX2 on. I tried Marvel Vs Capcom 2, which works wonderfully on my laptop full fps. I then wanted to try Final Fantasy X on my laptop.

I Configured it correctly with no speed hacks. I am using SPU2-X and DX10 hardware GPU plug in. I prefered everything to be vanilla and not use speed hacks for maximum compatibility.

I get 60fps in some spots. But it dips down to like 40-50fps in a lot of places. my GS usage stays around 30-60%, so I doubt my GPU is the culprit. I also don't think my CPU is being maxed out. but the EE usage is pretty high.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance!
Yeah your vgacard become bottleneck with cpu. Atleast you can try native option in gsdx setting and allow8bit option on there to see difference.
The nVidia Geforce 310m does not seem like a bad card. I have PCSX2 set to use the nVidia Card and not the Intel HD one. Why would the nVidia card be the bottleneck?
Someone can not get experience until try and see by him self?. See your gpu loading if exceed to 90%+ or above and in other side your cpu is not then that is bottleneck.
The way you determine the "speed" of a video card is by looking at the second number... In this case, the 310m is a 1. Think of your card then on a scale of 0 to 9 with 0 being the lowest possible and 9 being the highest...

The 310m is about as low level as integrated chips get that aren't Intel based... And while PCSX2 doesn't require a massive high-end graphics to work, it does require a decent mid-range card to get the most out of PCSX2.
You can use recommended speedhacks without issues in most games, soo if your EE% is high, reaching 100% at times, be sure to try them(just the recommended ones). GS% actually shows GS thread load which also runs on CPUTongue.

Unless you're playing at native(well that's most "vanilla" and most glitch freeTongue), it's always worth to try decreasing internal res just to be sure it's not GPU limitation.

(08-20-2011, 10:50 PM)Koji Wrote: [ -> ]The way you determine the "speed" of a video card is by looking at the second number... In this case, the 310m is a 1. Think of your card then on a scale of 0 to 9 with 0 being the lowest possible and 9 being the highest...
^Not really, different brands or even GPU series have different naming. What you said apply pretty much perfectly to new Radeon HD series from AMD, but for Nvidia it's more or less incorrect as it have completely different naming, even more confusion with all those GT/GTS/GTX versions.;P

Well I am not sure it is the GPU now. I set it to DX10, DX9 hardware mode. in all combinations. I set native resolution and allow 8 bit textures and still the same. There are significant FPS drops. The EE is usually around 60-80%.

The CPU usage on my laptop never tops 50%, which is weird. It constantly stays at it's stock clock speed. (2.53Ghz) It shows 4 cores, but there are only really 2. (God bless Intel Hyperthreading.) Which speed hacks do you suggest I try? I never messed with it and I don't know which ones to enable. Thank you in advance.
There are some GPUs so insufficient that they can bottleneck you even in native res. The 310M is just one notch above Intel HD graphics, I'm not sure why they even bothered putting it in that laptop
Yeah, and it's hard to say if FFX could lag on over 2ghz i5, but FFX is also pretty light on GPU except few effects like casting demi(I can get x5 at hd5670 soo I guess 310m is good enough at native or even more except those gpu demanding battle effects.).

Anyway if you want to try turn on those speedhacks that have [Recommended] in description - they're pretty safe, I usually have them on most of the time and had no problems with sometimes very noticeable speedup, the rest is basically for you to experiment as they work differently in different games.
I don't have a 2 Ghz i5, I have a 2.53 Ghz i5. I tested it with the speed hacks and there is only very little difference. The CPU usage is around 25-50% between all 4 cores. (2 Cores-4 Threads). Is there a way I can set PCSX2 to use only 2 specific threads? (the threads that run off the actual cores, if that makes any sense.)
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