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Full Version: There is a way to turn anti analiasing on with HARDWARE mode ?
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im try to run on native resolution to avoid bugs, but will be ugly
already tried to put AA by catalyst, but didn't work

Driver AA is not supported with the way GSDX renders to screen.
(08-24-2011, 04:25 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: [ -> ]Driver AA is not supported with the way GSDX renders to screen.

so, there is anything i can do ?
Go to PCSX2 folder, go to "ini" folder then go to GSDX notepad then at the bottom add the line:


Then save it, open Pcsx2 then go to GS(Where u set resolution) and there should be a new bit at the bottom to set AA using PCSX2.
Remember that at native the gains will be very little anyway for the extra power your shoving into it, sort of like smoothing the edges of a plank of wood with a chisel, it just dosent seem to work.
there is no GSDX file on inis folder Sad
Try in "C:\Users\username\Documents\PCSX2\inis" make note that "AA" can break multiply stuff at some games;P. And WILL lead to a crash when it'll not be able to allocate enough memory.
i' found it, thanks guys!