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Full Version: Tales of the Abyss fps problem
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i play tales of the abyss for a while and it runs good, but the problem is that the fps suddenly falls down if i play the game a bit longer.
then i wait a few minutes, the fps goes normal, but the fps goes again down if i play longer!!!

how can i solve this problem?

please help me Sad
PC Specs? Configs?

Anyway the game can be quite taxing. -_- It can be run perfectly btu there are just times, where it's gonna slowdown......
Could be some power saving feature kicking in, try setting the power profile in window's control panel to High Performance.
or maybe running in batteries every battery meter of % decrease will decrease the CPU speed as well.
may effect in Balanced and Power Saver in the power options.
This game really benefit with MTVU dan vucycle stealing and doesnt required fast cpu and gpu. Maybe something wrong with your system like virus or problem heating.
i have the same problem with kingdom hearts 2 final mix too -.-