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Full Version: Resident Evil 4
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Well I'm playing through Resi 4 and it's been bugging me the whole way so far that theres a really bad case of ghosting. The only other game I had this problem was FFX and FFX-2 but Skipdraw 1 fixes it. I've tried many skipdraws, offset hack, clamp modes, round modes, alpha hack and so on and can't figure this one out.

I have a PAL copy of the game but at the beggining I switched it to 60Hz NTSC because when I picked PAL 50Hz there was a black box on the right side of the screen ??

Not essential obviously but would be nice to be rid of Leon's brother who died at birth.
i don't mean to be rude, but why are you playing it on pcsx2 ? while it's still available on PC?
Because I already own it on PS2, also because somebody told me the PC version was awful for controls and had graphic problems.
okay, didn't think of that, ya the pc version's graphics were not awesome, but controls were okay as well there is a mouse aim mod for re4-PC..

OT :
did you try native res ?
(08-28-2011, 06:04 PM)orangzeb Wrote: [ -> ]did you try native res ?

That would fix it but I'm playing 1680x1050 on a TV, native would be even worse than the ghosting I think xD.
Well, if it works on native resolution, I don't believe much can be done here - except for trying some GSdx hacks, which you said you did.

It's just one of those games that break when not scaled to the resolution it wants to be.
maybe you can try with old gsdx plugin?? like gdsx r.2650 or older than that if make any better somehow.
You could apply FXAA in native.

This automatically changes your HDTV into a standard definition one.

(08-28-2011, 06:00 PM)Fezzer Wrote: [ -> ]Because I already own it on PS2, also because somebody told me the PC version was awful for controls and had graphic problems.

The PC and PS2 PAL version is exactly the same (the PC version has a language selector, which is not available in the NTSC version). Both use crappy pre-rendered cutscenes and inferior graphics. The PC version lightning and shadow effects were added in path 1.10, but it is still inferior compared to the GameCube and Wii version. An unofficial patch call "Texture Patch 2.0" bring the GameCube graphics to the PC version.

The PC version was said to have awful controls because it does not support mouse for aiming. You need to map keys from keyboard to each controller button. But you have a PS2, so you plug your DualShock 2 to your PC and play it. I did it, and did not see any difference when I play it on the PS2, except for the lower resolution. But beware, the PC version only support 4:3 and 16:10 res, while the game is actually 16:9 with 2 small black bars on top and bottom of the screen. So whatever res you choose, and whatever you screen res is, you cannot get rid of these bars.

One useful info: the Wii version running on Dolphin is faster than the PS2 version running on PCSX2 Wink.