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Full Version: Direct3D 11 not available in Intel HD 3000 in GSdx
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I believe the intel HD3000 Graphics chipset does support DirectX 11 but it does not show the option of Direct3D11 in setup.

Could anyone provide a solution?
Any chance you have Windows Vista? Then make sure you have this Vista Update - it also requires SP2.
the hd3000 does only support dx 10.1 and in gsdx there is no icon for dx 11 but it uses it and in your case uses the feature level for 10.1
Currently there is no benefit of DX11 over DX10 in GSDx (that I'm aware of). It's neither faster nor more compatible... so as long as you can use DX10 you'll get identical results.

Do note that even the HD3000 series of intel graphics are still very slow and not recommended for PCSX2 use.

DX11 fully support by ATI and Nvidia GPU.
we were talking about Intel not Nvidia or ATI.