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Full Version: Can't use analog sticks at all?!
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I can get all the controls for lilypad to work except for the left and right analog sticks. i've tried choosing different "pads" in the motioninjoy DS3 tool. I am using af Ps3 sixaxis controller. anyone knows what I should do?
you have pressed the "analog" button on the pad right? it tends not to work unless you do ;p
i dont get it :b there is no analog button on the ps3 controller, only the round PS button where the analog button used to be on the older controllers .
ah right ok Wacko in that case it check your driver setup
Okay Tongue2 So what (and where) should i look for?
( im pretty much a noob with pcsx2 ) Smile
check your motioninjoy DS3 tool config, i dont know how to use that so you're on your own ;p
Set the controller as a PS2 one in Motion in Joy (Or as an X-box controller if you want rumble). Make sure the controller buttons are working alright in windows controller settings. If they aren't working there then it's either a problem with windows, the driver, or the controller. That needs to be taken to the motion in joy forum.

If the analogs ARE working in windows, make sure that directx controller is set in lilypad (or xpad if you set it as an x-box controller) then try assigning the keys/analog.