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Full Version: here the guide for make full use pcsx2 speeding up to max!!!
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here the guide for make full use pcsx2 speeding up to max

set Vu 0 to legacy only (super vu complier)
tick wait for refresh

Vu stealing mild
tick all hack except fast access don't tick

disable auto fix
enable manual game fix

all tick except this two don't tick skip mpeg and oph hack

blend bff 1/2 fps
native original ps2
texture mid
tick 8 bit texture

and last thing is speedhack MTVU(micro VU 1 only) need QUAD(4) core cpu!!!

so far tested this setting persona 3 fes , FF X2 , ar tonelico 2 .
and what PC specs on that settings was tested??
intel core i7 1.73ghz (4core)
4gb ram
ATI HD 5470 1gb
window 7 64bit
what client version r4600?? or r49xx??
i might try on my laptop since my i7 laptop speed is almost similar as yours.
use latest SVN build(latest pcsx2 version)

do care!!!

laptop need alot of cooler thing for gaming purpose.

me using cooler master alumimium + fan(best cooler for laptop stand)

powerful black square fan(240v/120V) for laptop monitor cool down temperature

this 2 is critical for long usage of laptop user

desktop user need this

powerful black square fan(240v/120V) cooldown HDD reaching cooldown temperature 60-40 without fan HDD temperature reach peak temperature 70 to 80+
fan for monitor cooldown hd monitor or normal ones temperature cooldown 60 to 40

without fan monitor reach peak temperature 75 - 90
Sorry but this doesn't look like a guide,you are just enabling everything that says more speed without thinking that some option can break some game or make it work slower.

About the VUs - the last time I tried naruto games,only VU1 set to sVU was needed(VU0 didn't fix anything).Thunder Force 6 also needed VU1 set to sVU,otherwise there was some big or the game crashed somewhere(I don't remember)

VU Stealing is bad for some games,even set to medium(it can give you the reverse effect or/and some other bad effects)

All hacks enabled - one game(I don't remember which one)was giving me problems because of one of the mvu speed hacks

Enabling all(except two)of the special game fixes is definitely not good idea...there is really high change that pcsx2 may crash.The automatic game fixes are maded so when you start a problematic game,to automatically apply the needed fix...not enabling it manually.The Tri-Ace hack is making some big changes in pcsx2 to work especially for those games...it breaks a lot of other if it's always enabled.Those hacks are there to fix problematic games,not to give you more speed.

8Bit texture can give you more seed,make the game slower or give you bad graphics with or without more/less speed

To sum it all,there are no special settings that makes pcsx2 work as fast as possible for every game.You settings may work for some games but may break other or make them slower(I'm using pcsx2 since 0.9.2 always on week pc and I know what I'm talking about)
you need to buy new com
i didn't enable all the gamefixes to avoid unnatural client crushes
we'll that guide does'nt work to me
nice try...better close this thread.