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Full Version: Confusion about new MTVU hack?
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Ok does the new MTVU hack from the newest SVNs work on dual core pcs? Also I have hyper threading so the OS sees it as 4 cores.
The tooltip confuses me. What are the 'gs limited games' it says may experience slowdowns 'especially on dual-core processors'?
Yes-- MTVU can still increase performance on dual core.

"GS limited games" are those that MTVU gives a negative effect with.
You'll have to search the forums, or discover them for yourself.

One could also note the GS limitations aren't strictly a "per-game" kind of thing. By that, I mean a game may run just fine at first, or even through so many levels. A limitation on the GS could occur at some point or scene of a game, so consider turning off MTVU if you run into a sudden slow-down when using it.
If disabling it improve the scene...
Well-- You know what that means. Wink
(Also, try reducing any up-scaling to reduce the load on the GS.)
I used to think the upscaling only increases the GPU load.
was what rezard told, GS overload Smile

Anyway the video flow must be preprocessed on CPU, although the scaling itself affects mainly the GPU at this point the system may be overloaded in general, the reason for trying removing the MTVU hack. The advice there about reducing the internal resolution is to help to cope with the problem of GS overload (which may the main cause of the slowdown there).
edit: There is an overhead on multithreading which can in some cases make things worsen than single processing the flow.

Still, the advice looks sound to me but I must tell never looked at that hack so I can't tell with certainty, in these cases, try and observe the results...