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Full Version: Playing Ps2 game discs
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Hm ok it's a pretty weak laptop, especially that intel HD onboard graphics chip. Configure GSdx and click 'native'. From the games you listed, Soul calibur 2,Jak2 and 3 and possibly devil may cry 3 will not run at acceptable speeds.
I suggest trying first FFX and Resident Evil 4. If your speed is still low, start by enabling all speed hacks marked as [recommended] and then even after that start using some of the [not recommended] ones until you find a good combination for speed and compatibility.
jak 2 and 3 were the only reasons i got the emulator :'-(
My condolences Tongue
is there any way to enhance my graphics out of emulator?
Yes you can configure GSdx and set a custom internal resolution to your liking. But with that intel onboard graphics chip you will get even worse speeds if you use higher resolutions...
ya....ffx and re4 will give u playable speeds but the others are harder to emulate so they need more resources....use 8-bit textures and native in gsdx and use speed preset 3-5 and see which works best.....play in windowed mode to get more speed...and use mtvu too....all the best man
what about drakengard? or whiplash?
ill buy FFX and see how it works. i hope it does, its the best FF in my opinion :-)
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