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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Just the things said in the first post in this thread, you will get translator status when you're done(or close to Tongue2).

If you want it, you can start working on it.
Very well, count me in. Smile

Btw, how should I do it? put it on Notepad? and to whom should I send after I've finished it?
That would be me, I'm sending you some details in PM.
(11-21-2010, 01:34 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: [ -> ]Ok... I think bositman simply screwed up and set El_Diablos instead of isapfe in the list -_-

So I guess the russian one is taken already.

Err no I didn't, just El Diablos lost his forum password Tongue The Russian translation is done already Wink
I just saw that the application for translating into Serbian is open. It's a shame the translation isn't finished by the previous translator, but what the heck... Anyway, I guess you'd PM or something if I get it!
Why some translations has deadline and some aren't?
Those without deadline are from the old translators who are most likely to finish the job I guess Tongue2
Oh, no wonder.. Tongue
А как скачать ?
This is an english only forum so please post in english, all I got from what you said in google was "how to download" so... come again? Tongue2