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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Looking at my translation deadline, I must admit I won't have it on the 30th of FEBRUARYWink
HI to everyone, i haven't been here for a long time and i am at leecher status, meaning that i only visited the site to download the latest pcsx2 emulator, so now i decided to try and help with something, i want to do at least this because you guys had done a great job, and if it wasnt for pcsx2 i would have never played ps2 games since i don't own a ps2 Smile

As far as i saw, no one applied for pcsx2 0.9.7 Romanian translation, so if it's needed, i would be glad to try to help.
Pm me with the details please Smile
(02-13-2011, 06:15 PM)The-mann Wrote: [ -> ]and if it wasnt for pcsx2 i would have never played ps2 games since i don't own a ps2 Smile

You know it is illegal to play if you didn't dumped BIOS from your PS2.
Ugh. I've been through Hell and back for the last few weeks. Will pick up again this week. Is there a deadline by chance?
I can take charge of the Italian Translation.
Alright then IL CARTOLAiO, it's yours.

You did the 0.9.6 so I guess you know what to do, but feel free to ask Tongue2
You can give the vietnamese translation work for me, let me know when's the deadline
Alright, you got it. Deadline is 1 month as stated in the first post Smile
There's a confilct in the first post.

Two "Czech" declared in "Finished Translations:" and in "Translations in progress - dropped" at the same time.

0.9.7 translations

Finished Translations:
Czech - Tsbook - 0.9.7 - done

Translations in progress - dropped
Czech - Szalooth - 0.9.7 - Dropped - Applications Open
whoopsie, thanks Tongue2