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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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(12-07-2011, 08:10 PM)DeltaHF Wrote: [ -> ]Hello all, I've registered to the forum just now. I was wondering if you needed translations done in Japanese. If I am to do so, my question is that will I be obligated to do both translations for the "Guide" and "Program (GUI)" or just either one? I'm fluent and confident in both English and Japanese. I would love the opportunity to contribute toward the community Smile

You can translate whichever you like Smile We are in need of a japanese translation since the Japanese visitors are just below the sum of the US visitors
Thank you for the swift reply Bositman. I have a bit of a concern here. First I wanted to reply that I wanted to start from the guide, because of its simplicity
of continuous hacking on the keyboard... And the GUI program translation seemed to involve something complicated that requires some learning(Poedit?)
So my first pick was to do the Guide. But then, when I took a glance through the English guide I noticed a potential inconsistency problem. Since the guide includes
instructions to the GUI of the program, and certain buttons would be... well most likely English(when there is no Japanese version I think the English version would be
the first choice for most Japanese). Should I leave that as it is or would it be more logical to start from the GUI program translation? To make my question clear, I am concerned that if I did the guide translation first, it would become a Japanese guide to use the "English version" of the program. If I did the GUI program translation first, then the guide would follow suit and whoever does the translation, it would become a Japanese guide for the Japanese version. I acknowledge the fact that while some Japanese understand English quite fine, others may stumble upon a word as simple as "Config". My personal goal for all guides is to make it as user friendly as possible.
Sorry for my long post, I really wanted to make things clear for myself. I have other translation work to be done, and currently figuring out how to squeeze this into my timeframe. Thanks in advance Smile
Yes I see what you mean Smile You can do it in whichever order you want. You could first do the guide, then the GUI and finally edit the few parts of the english GUI text in the guide, or the other way around. Poedit is a very easy program to use, in short you just open the .po files and you just translate the strings it gives you after that
Thank you Bositman for clearing things up Smile I would like to sign up for the Japanese translation. I shall start with the guide first... in fact I already am Smile
Great, thanks Smile
Yo, Bositman, may I update my Indonesian translation to 0.9.8? I see that PCSX2 now has GUI translation. That is very nice of it. Can I start with GUI translation first? But I need some tutorials since I don't really understand the GUI Translation which gives us some Poedit strings or whatever is that? Especially for compiling. Thanks!
Sure go ahead Smile
About the GUI translation: http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/TranslationGuide Skip to the part where it says "Downloading and Using POT files" that is all you need to know. After that, you just download POEdit, open the POT file you downloaded and after this it is self-explanatory (the program gives you the english strings at the left and you have to enter their translations at the right).
After you're done save your PO file named depending on the language you translated to based on this: http://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/wiki/Supp...uagesChart
So for you it's id_ID
Me and josephg are translating the Guide 0.9.8 version to Portuguese Brazilian, could you mark it as 'in progress' please? Wink
Sure Smile

i would like to translate the 0.9.8 guide to German.

Would you please mark it as "in progress"?