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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Sure, thanks!
Hi guys,

May I translate the GUI (0.9.9) in French ?
PS/ I was the French translator for the 0.9.6 guide Wink
Sure Smile
I want to translate program GUI (0.9.9) to Korean.
And finished translation of pcsx2_Iconized.po and pcsx2_Main.po.
Here is the file.
Nice, thanks Smile I've made you a translator and added a new Korean translations forum. Please post your translation files there (and also include which 0.9.9 revision you translated)
i'm translating to persian language
i already translated 50 %
its tested and worked nice
download file : http://mkcenter.ir/pcsx2_Main.mo
whats your idea?
im gonna finish it as soon as possible
finish Smile
download persian language : http://mkcenter.ir/persian.zip
please add persian language Smile
Nice, I've added you as a translator and you now have access to the Persian translations forum:

Please also attach your translation there (check out how other translators have done it ex: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Forum-German-translations )

I'd like to translate the PCSX2 GUI into Finnish
Currently 37% done.
Sure go ahead Smile