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Full Version: PCSX2 Translator Application/Translation Guide
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Hi i would like to apply for translating anything to Norwegian.

I guess you would like to know something bout me I'm 23yo currently studying for my masters in computer engineering (SW dev), finished my bachelors 2-3 months ago (Network/Security), I'm also working as a Security Analyst At Secode (last 10 months).

Other than that i can say I've already started translating the 0.9.8 long-manual thing (I'm at page 5 atm) (make that 6)

and i have night shift this weekend so I'll see if I can't translate all 3 of them by Monday so i can beat the Swede Tongue Youl at least get the 0.9.8 manual (long) by Monday.

I'm using a little editorial creativity, i thought since i might as well translate the pot i might as well use proper Norwegian instead of a eng/nor mashup.
By manual you mean the configuration guide right? Oh and no rush, it's a lot of stuff to do over a weekend Tongue
yea i meant the configuration guide
OK thanks for clearing that up. Good luck Wink
btw is it supposed to be referring to old information v0.9.8 instead of 1.0.0
No, it will be updated for 1.0.0. When that happens I will release instructions with what was changed so all translators will update their translations too
Glad to hear. Please do since it saves us time going through the guide looking for changes.
I will, but I have my hands full with the public compatibility list, website compat list upgrades etc. I've got ***** of stuff to do Tongue
Hmm I'm i cant seem to find out where to send the translations when i finish. (Im not finished but i think i can finish it mostly by tomorrow)

GUI translation is at 80%(100% now Laugh)(pcsx2_Main.pot) 100%(pcsx_Iconized.pot) - or so Poedit says.
configuration guide is bout 55% (10/18 pages)
Just bump here after your translations were finished then Bositman will arrange all your forum permissions.