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Full Version: can't run game
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I can't play Black (game name). When I enter the dvd icon it comes back to the screen:
[Image: sdfsd.jpg]

[Image: dfhdgh-1.jpg]
game is an iso file.
Try stating it by using System=>Boot CDVD (fast)
(12-05-2011, 09:54 AM)vsub Wrote: [ -> ]Try stating it by using System=>Boot CDVD (fast)
black screen.....
What the console say when you get that black screen...did you tried switching to software mode(F9) and what are you pcsx2 settings
Re-Make a ISO of the Disk using ImgBurn. Then load it using pcsx2 --> cdvd --> ISO and then select your iso and use boot fast. Tongue2

Does the Disk runs perfectly on PS2.

Ohh. the Game names is black... Tongue2 so i guess you get black screen.. (just joking)