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Full Version: HELP
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Hi everyone, excuse my poor english :/

Ive just download the "basic" Pcsx2 package and im trying play several videogames (God of War, Tekken 5, Smackdown....).

Most of them run at very low speed, even with agressive GPU configuration. Also, my NGS gamepad dont work in most :/

I wonder if the problem is my hardware or maybe i havent right codecs configuration...

Can anyone help me, please?

I write down my computer and software specs.

Athlon 64 x2 4200+
4gb ram DDR2 800mhhz
Nvidia GTS450 1gb

Windows 7 Ultimate

Pcsx2 v0.98
Gsdx 4600 msvc 15.00,see2 0.1.16
Lilypad svn r4510 0.10.0 lilypad-r4600
spu2-x r4600m 1.4.0
cdvdgigaherz 44510 0.80
usbnull driver 0.7.0
fwnull driver 0.7.0
dev9null driver 0.5.0

Thanks a lot Smile
Just removing the part with the BIOS doesn't make your old thread go away.

Please don't open any more threads about this.