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Guys please help me, I've installed pcsx2 on my macbook pro perfectly, but when I play persona 4 it gets super slow when I try to move around as the main character and when the characters speak. If it;s ok, I would like to get some help from a user named mubbsy because he has the exact same mac as I do as well as configuration.

13" 2010 Mac Book Pro - Snow Leopard 10.6.8 - Pcsx2 Version: 0.9.6
2.4Ghz Intel Duo Core | NVIDIA GeForce 320M (256mb) | 4 Gigs 1067mhz DDR3 Ram

If anyone can help, thanks
see this thread. it might help


different game but i have the same machine and the thread is about optimizing your computer for best fps. Some games are just slow or too much for some machine though.