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Full Version: Reloading PCSX2 and my saved games for grandia 2
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So I was wondering if I have to use the .exe file to run the Pcsx2 emulator everytime?

Also I would like to know how to save my configured games, controls, etc. and be able to access them again later. I have formatted and saved data on memory cards but I do not know how to re-access them.
if you formatted already your memory card then your old saves in-there will be lost it's a common sense
after formatted it's automatically ready-to-use or you said re-access then it's already accessed.

if you configured already your emulator then you close the emulator it will save automatically thru the ini folder.
So how do I use my ini file to access my memory card?
Config--->Memory Card

if you still totally lost start from here
My ini folder has nothing in it when i open it. and i have to re-do all my settings when i open my emulator up. Like i have to re-do my controler settings etc.
File folder access restriction seems to be your problem.

Try running PCSX2 as administrator.
Install PCSX2 into a directory other than "Program Files", or any other folders that belong Windows.
(you may want to use the PCSX2 binary package rather than the installer)
This is a pic of that info.
why not try pull out your pcsx2 directory outside "Program files","Users" or "Windows" folder that Rezard asked you to.




haha! im sorry guys... i sent this image to the wrong thread..

As for getting my info to reload. I pulled all my files out to a seperate folder on my desktop and found a rar file that allows me to reopen my saved data.