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Full Version: Fatal Frame - strange dots?
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Hi all,

am trying out Fatal Frame, and I'm not sure if this is a bug or a configuration problem. Using GSdx 872m SSE41, game runs fine with interlacing wave bff minimum, but rendering the ghosts will have strange dots on it.
[Image: fatalframedotssa9.png]

Using ZeroGS the game is running at an extremely low speed its unplayable.
[Image: zerogslagan9.png]
Well ZeroGS at AA x16 is always unplayable. x4 is real maximum at almost any game. But you better use x2 or x0.
Fatal Frame is listed as ingame in PCsx2 (either PP or Normal). So it's normal if you see this kind of images, also there's a DMA bug that makes the emu slow down a lot everytime there is a video secuence (after the secuence)