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Full Version: new to pcsx2
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I have my ps2 game disc, i downloaded all the require files from this site. now where do i go from there? i have no idea how to confiugure pcsx2 or get the game to work.

help please
forgot to add, for a mac
(01-25-2012, 02:54 AM)functionchen Wrote: [ -> ]i really don't want to go through all the trouble of dumping it from my ps2

did you extract your bios already?
i'm glad if i will give you +1 at steak if you show me the screenshot of your extracted bios and a photo of your PS2's model no.

my ps2 is actually down the street at a friends place that's why i said i didnt want to go through the trouble to go to hers and get it back and i thought since i have some of my games i might as well see if i can just play it on my mac
then go to your friend's , get your PS2 back, and extract your bios
1) Download the new PCSX2 v0.9.8.
2) PCSX2 comes in 3 flavors, full installer, web installer and binary. Full installer has the DirectX web installer bundled, web installer optionally downloads it from the internet, and binary is only the program with the plugins. Download the one you prefer or if you don't know which, the full installer.
3) Run the installer (if you downloaded the installer) or if you downloaded binary open the archive and extract its contents into a folder. (e.g. C:\PCSX2)
4) Run pcsx2-r4600.exe which is in the folder you installed or extracted the files.