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Full Version: Tekken 5 Pcsx 0.9.8 LAGS
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Nvidia 9600GT 1GB
Amd Phenom 9550 Quad core 2.2ghz
Windows 7 64bit
and Tekken goes slow motion..
Tekken series is a "Megathurst" demanding
you have 0% chance to run tekken at full speed w/ your specs.
play on your actual ps2 instead
for the meantime try less demanding games
So how do you explain his situation?
*links to unofficial revcontaining bioses - removed*
or should i take him as example...
First link = Core2Duo E7300 running 4Ghz (Faster CPU)
Second = Most probably lying, has a faster CPU than claimed - or has falsified the FPS and sped the video up, easy enough to do.

Probably a few other explanations too. An SVN using the MTVU option may help, but doubt you'll get full speed without a decent overclock too. I'd be inclined to just play it on your PS2 until you get a faster computer.