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Full Version: SRWZ - Super Robot Wars Z
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Hi All,

I used to be able to run the game super robot wars z with no issue (Been ages though)
Im using the latest version and I get perfect picture and sound but im not getting the actual effects i.e. when you change selection, select a menu or during the gameplay i only have the music - no robot noises or actions.

I have retried with Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 and I have no issue.

Below is a video (example) of what is happening


I am hoping that someone can assist as more then likely I have done something wrong but I cant seem to figure out what
i'm using the latest r5100 and investigated.
and my srw-z overall sound is working properly voices+mech's SFX is existed.

you might be misconfig on your SPU-X or Peops SPU.
would you mind show me your plug-in config.
Hi Please find below my SPU2-X settings the build I currently have is Stable R4600


Im hoping you can see something, I have played around but with no luck
Just an updated, tried Ver 5100 with default and the same settings as above with no luck Sad
uncheck "Disable effects processing" in the SPU-X settings.