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Full Version: pcsx2 cheat
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where do u put gameshark cheats on a pcsx2
(02-20-2012, 04:26 AM)heros in sky Wrote: [ -> ]where do u put gameshark cheats on a pcsx2

You convert cheat codes to raw using something like omniconvert and add them as .pnach files in the cheats folder in your pcsx2 directory, using the CRC code of the game you are playing, for example cheat codes for Kingdom Hearts 2 PAL is called

You then add a cheat code to the patch having converted it to raw so that it looks something like this


where x's are your code

A quick google search could find this out for you easily though...
Do you need to convert GameShark because I use the GameShark (on Internet) Directly without converting and they work fine.

Maybe not gameshark idk, I dont use gameshark codes, I use action replay max codes (mostly) I sometimes use some xploder codes which often dont need converting, plus there are loads of gameshark versions so if I was using Gamesharks (of a version I wasnt sure was in raw) I personally would probably put them through omniconvert just to check they were raw, all codes need to be in raw format for pcsx2 as far as I know.

I have also seen the ,extended, around a few times, whats the difference between xxxxxxx,word,xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx,extended,xxxxxxxxx idk word seems to work fine for me
If I find gameshark codes for a games I have. I always convert them to Unencrypted/RAW Codebreaker and they still work Smile