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Full Version: some games work better than others
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Hey guys new member here,
First of all my compliments to the creators of pcsx2(as if they are going to read this but meh, needed to be said).
With that said, how come games like FFX and Kingdom Hearts work pretty damn smooth and enjoyably games like GoW and Naruto(all series) are very sluggish... i mean i use those speed hacks but it ruins the graphics and makes weird glitches...

oh and im about to buy a new computer( arguing between desktop or laptop), any suggestion as to what hardware will promise the beset performances with most games and especially the ones mentioned earlier?
thanks in advance
Different games, different rendering engines, different techniques? It's the same with PC games really so I don't see why it seems strange to you Tongue
Desktop definitely for your second question
As is with every other game and emulator out there, nothing new really.