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Full Version: FPS swan dive
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keep an eye on your cpu temps with a program like "Real Temp" it will tell you if the cpu hits its thermal junction point (throttle down), CPU's can heat up in a matter of seconds so even if its freezing cold it will be hot as soon as pcsx2 is started.
Yeah I saw that, but now with that battery trick it's not getting even lukewarm
I would suggest you consider not setting you laptop flat on a conforming surface that retains heat so well (bed, couch or blanket). Your lap is actually a better option. Even though it's plenty warm, there are at least some gaps where air can flow freely.

Most laptop's "breathe" in air from their bottom.
It's kinda like suffocating the poor lil' guy. Sad

One of the great effects of even a basic laptop stand is when they're inverted.
This can help encourage airflow, rather than trapping it underneath.
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