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Full Version: problem with pcsx2 0.9.8
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Hi Guys

recently I got the pcsx2 emulator to emulate my ps2 games..

anyways, i installed it and a BIOS and it works just fine..

there is only one problem and that is the games are really slow.. I read some threads with the same problem which is not meeting requirement but i think my computer should handle it..

Win 7 64bits
Intel Core 2 Quad [email protected]
4 GB Ram
ATI HD Radeon 5450 1GB

i heard that there is a problem with the win 64bit, if so should i change to the 32bit? Will a 32bit VM using VWare suffice?

PCSX2 works perfectly fine in 64bit OSes. Your CPU is clocked at only 2,4 Ghz and the 5450 is relatively weak. You will only get good speeds on low demanding games, so you should mention which games you are trying to run.
You could try to overclock the cpu to 3ghz, Since the CPU is quad core you could try the svn builds (found under the svn section of the main pcsx2 website) and enable the MTVU speed hack, so it can take advantage of an extra core on the cpu.

Next time tell us what games you are trying to run so we can help further.
Kingdom Hearts 1&2
Shadow Hearts 1,2,3
God of War 1,2

and thatnks for the replies Smile