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Full Version: Just a few questions... (:
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I wasn't here if years ago i didn't sell my ps2. LOL.

Anyway just wanted to ask which is the latest pcsx2 beta? 'cause i lost the count of it.


Which pc component does affect mostly on emulation speed, i mean to get rid of slow framerate? I have quite good graphic card and processor but still, sometimes it's not enough... -.-


Intel Core i3 550 @3,20GHz - 6,0GB RAM - NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 - Windows 7, 64bit
Latest SVN

SVN Changes

On lower resolutions, it would generally be CPU limited, and on higher resolutions it would generally be GPU limited/both.
(03-21-2012, 12:01 AM)Pyramid Head Wrote: [ -> ]I wasn't here if years ago i didn't sell my ps2. LOL.

If you do not own a PS2 console, you also do not own the rights to have a BIOS dump from that console, thus you cannot use PCSX2 legally. According to our rules, you will get no support here for this reason, sorry.