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Full Version: Final Fantasy 12 Small Issue
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Hi guys
I'm having a problem with final fantasy 12 the thing is in some cases the floor turns black it happens mostly during cutscenes, otherwise the game works like a charm.
I've played around with the speedhacks hoping for a solution but i didnt find it so i'm asking if you know what the problem is.
I'm using the beta svn version 5132 of the emulator
I'd appreciate any help.

P.S.sorry for my english
Did you change the clamping modes of the EE and/or VU from defaults to a lower value? If so, try setting them back to normal
Still the same...
playing around with the video settings seems to affect the problem most noticeable Alpha Correction, turning it off somewhat fixes the problem but in some cases the shadows get messed up.
The issue dosent happen alot so the game is perfectly playable.
i remember i had this issue long time ago but i cant remember is i did anything to fix it, i think i just switched to different SVN build and problem went away
yea that is it, thanks it helped.