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Full Version: PCSX2.exe stoped working
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soz for my thread again... after run pcsx2 and play a game like ( dragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 ) after a some minute appears that message( pcsx2.exe stopped working )... and happened to all games now...u have any solution?
here's an idea, check task manager to see the memory consumption of pcsx2.exe when it says it has stopped working.
(04-07-2012, 09:30 PM)damidest Wrote: [ -> ]Hi.... i need help... 1 hr before i scan with antivirus and i find 4 trojan... i remove it...

delete your game ISO and then "Re-make" your game ISO from your disk....your ISO more likely "infected!!" the trojan virus...make sure your PC has scanned and freed from any threats and viruses.
Since you already asked for a link to dl this iso, i dont think you'll get more help here...
Stay on your own with your warez stuff.