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Full Version: confused on what I need.
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trying to get Kingdom Hearts 2 working on My PC.

however the frames are very low.
Im using gamebooster 3, closed un-needed programs, used speedhacks set to max.

what do I need to state to get help and the right plugins.
using 0.9.8
don't use game booster it may cause an interger clocking error.
well, alright, but anything else I could do?
pc specs? post up everything on your DXdiag
I have no clue what that is. >DXdiag
however do you have skype? or an IM service, that would help
(04-14-2012, 04:36 AM)tallbender Wrote: [ -> ]this one i mean
post # 3

Direct X? um alright.
can't seem to find Direct X on my PC, even-though its installed.
type "dxdiag" in start "Search programs and files"
or Start-->Run-->dxdiag(if you are in Win98 or XP)
ah ha there we go.

[Image: iqy54o.png]
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