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Full Version: Shadow of the colossus hangs when fighting first colossus
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Hi guys the game sims to work ok, just a little bit slow but when I'm fighting the first colossus, it hangs, sometimes it hangs when I use my sword in his left leg an other times when I finish inserting my sword in his head, so I would like to know what settings do you have used for playing this game.

That's a gsdx problem

Switch to 0.1.9 (or 0.1.7 ?) version to beat 1st colossus, and then switch back to latest. Should help
interesting, i didn't know GSdx would cause that problem.

i hope someone can confirm that switching to another gsdx version fixes the bug.
After doing my tests I've found that using PCSX 1.0.0395 TLB and GSdx 0.1.12 in SSE2 mode the problem goes, but if use 513_PP the problem is still there. By the way the safe file doesn't works on PCSX 1.0.0395, it says that can't read memory card.