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Full Version: SVN and the installer
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guys what's the difference with the 9.8 installer of PCSX2 and the SVN builds, before i had r4600 then i was looking through some threads regarding Persona 4 dips, and linked a site to the SVN files with ones that have a much more updated SVNs, what's the difference?

i tried extracting the latest to the installer and received an error so i uninstalled them instead suddenly i realized that it wasn't an error it was just the compatibility mode of the SVN... however the emulator still runs fine and removed the Save States of my game Wacko
First, save states are NOT cross-version compatible, meaning your old states will not work with new versions (but memory cards do)
Second, SVN builds are a snapshot of the PCSX2 project with the latest changes to date. You can get them here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php

These builds are the same as the binary downloads of PCSX2, they have no installer, you just extract them and they workout of the box.
actually im fine with that Tongue since im only starting out on P4. meaning that SVN are actually the beta versions of the main PCSX2? thanks Smile